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Your business sign is that “first impression” everybody talks about. So, maintaining it should be a priority. Taking care of your sign increases its shelf-life and your ROI. By providing regular inspections and routine maintenance services, Windy Installs can help ensure your signage remains attractive and functions properly all year round. We also can help you troubleshoot unexpected problems and devise creative solutions that prevent issues and save you money down the road. Day or night, emergency or emerging problem, we’re just a phone call away.

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Repair, reinforce, and reinstall channel letters previously installed by another vendor


5035 S East End Ave, Chicago, IL 60615


The existing sign for this high-rise lakefront apartment complex had not been installed with adequate hardware and spacers for maximum stability and longevity—especially considering the wind loads the building withstood from Jackson Park and Lake Michigan, which are among the highest in the City. Several channel letters in the set had already fallen or were hanging. The building management wanted to repair and reinstall the letters properly and permanently over the summer—and was adamant it be done without destroying the beautiful ivy covering the building.

Windy Installs signage installation work
Windy Installs signage installation work
Windy Installs signage installation work


First we removed, cleaned up, and painted the letters. Then we customized a solution to reinforce the fastening system. The sign had a 8” offset, but was originally installed with hardware and spacers normally used for a 2-4” offset indoors. So, we made custom brackets cut from half-inch conduit to the desired floating length (8”) and welded them to the letters. 

This type of letter is usually installed using a paper pattern for positioning the bracket fastening holes and pressing the letters into the holes using adhesive. But this would not work with letters of this size, at this elevation, under these conditions, and, most important, without first removing the ivy. Since this was not an option, we constructed individual templates (patterns) out of ¾” plywood and drilled them directly onto the wall, compressing the ivy momentarily but not damaging it. 

The wood templates allowed us to drill all the anchor points without any movement. Once the temporary templates were removed, the refurbished channel letter set was mechanically fastened to the building using sleeve anchors.


Both the initial sign company (installer) and the end user were very grateful—and admitted they had no idea how Windy Installs was going to do it. They were both prepared to at least wait until the ivy became dormant in fall. No need for that!

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